Buildings subject to compliance with the Texas Accessibility Standards and with a construction cost in excess of $50,000 must be registered with Architectural Barriers for review. Documents must be submitted for review to ACI within 20 days after the design professional issues the construction documents (AB Rule 68.50).

All items must be completed and submitted in order to recieve a TAS Plan Review

  • ACI Application (includes Fee Schedule)
  • Register Online with TDLR (Jeromy Murphy RAS#00000489) and send copy with Plan Review submittal or Fill-Out and Print a TDLR Architectural Barriers Project Registration form for ACI to register the project for you (There will be an additional $50 charge for this service). 
  • Proof of Submission form to be filled out by the project Design Professional
  • One complete set of Construction Documents for all disciplines
    • PDFs are required; hardcopies are no longer accepted. We accept PDFs of Construction Documents via email, FTP/file share instructions, CD or flash drive in. Please limit individual PDF file size to 30mb. 
  • Payment
    • Check or Money Order payable to American Construction Investigations, LTD (ACI, Ltd.)
    • Credit Cards accepted. Please contact Claudia Ramos by email or call 713-864-8494 to pay by card.

Submit file to ACI Plan Vault

Please limit individual PDF file size to 30mb maximum.